Ospedale Maria Paternò Arezzo

The Hospital Maria Paternò Arezzo of Ragusa is located in Ragusa(Contrada Rito).


The first unit of the hospital was built thanks to a bequest by the princess of Castellacci, Maria Paternò Arezzo, who died in the Messina earthquake of 1908; for this reason, the hospital bears the name of the princess. It was inaugurated in January 1923 and was intended to cure the sick poor, with the exception of the chronically ill, the mentally ill and suffering from contagious diseases except tuberculosis. It was built in the Rito district, on the opposite side of Ibla, besides the house of the river and managed by a chief medical surgeon, two medical assistants, a nurse, a local midwife, a phlebotomist barber and three Sisters of Charity. In 1927 paying patients were admitted and in 1936 electric lighting was introduced in the building. The hospital was closed on 11 January … to be in exclusive service of the German troops and then re-opened on July 29, 1943.

Until the August 2009, the hospital was part of the Azienda Ospedaliera “Civile - Maria Paternò Arezzo”, which included the Ospedale Civile, but on 1 September 2009 it was merged with the Local Health Authority No. 7 of Ragusa to create the new Provincial Health Agency of Ragusa.

View of High Ragusa and the Hospital Maria Paternò Arezzo

View of the Hospital

Pharmacy tools

Phone and electrical tools

Princess Maria Paternò Arezzo

View of the Hospital Maria Paternò Arezzo

View of Ragusa Ibla

View of Ragusa Ibla

  • Photos by Sara Dimartino, courtesy of Archivio Tipografia Elledue Ragusa


  • Giancarlo Iaia, La storia degli Ospedali di Ragusa dal San Giuliano al nuovo Opedale,Edizioni Tipografia Elle Due srl, Ragusa, 2004.

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