Ospedale Psichiatrico di Gorizia

History of Ospedale psichiatrico di Gorizia

Since the seventeenth century, in Gorizia, the "mentecatti" were hosted at the Fatebenefratelli General Hospital (Via Vittorio Veneto 174) and later at a separate women's civic hospital. By the early twentieth century, the city had a special hospital for the mentally ill. The modern pavilion structure opened in 1911, but it worked until 1916, when it was destroyed by bombing in World War I. Then patients were hospitalized in other local hospitals, in Friuli and Veneto.
After the war the hospital was rebuilt and in the 60s Franco Basaglia became its director.
With the law Basaglia the provincial psychiatric hospital in Gorizia was "closed". Today, clusters of old beds and chairs can be seen close to the remains of the old hospital.

  • Photo by Valentina Mosetti (October 2010)


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