Ospedale Regina Margherita

The "Ospedale Regina Margherita" is located in Messina (Piazza del Museo) and it was opened at the beginning of 20th century. In the early twentieth century, after the violent earthquake in Messina on 28 December of 1908 there was the reconstruction of a lot of structures, especially hospitals. In 1917, the faculty of medicine gave the permission to convert the Great Hotel Regina Elena, built by the Americans, in a hospital that was called : “Ospedale Clinico Consorziale”.


Great Hotel Regina Elena *

Then in 1923 because of its poor conditions, the hospital had closed. In 1930 the city of Messina had the possibility to rebuild the "Ospedale Regina Margherita", which was inaugurated on 25th October 1933. The work was begun and ended by the “Grande Ufficiale” Salvatore Siracusano, a well-known business man. The Dott. Alessandro Pennisi was appointed as a new head director of the Hospital. The structure had to accommodate sick and poor "in harmony with the new climate of human solidarity introduced by fascism…”.1 The area where the hospital would be built, was the village Regina Elena. Next to wards, where patients were accommodated, were placed the surgeries of urology, otorhinolaryngology and dermatology too. The opening of the Ospedale Regina Margherita gave an answer to people’s needs. The days of hospitalization, increased, from 17,000 in 1931 to 42,000 in 1938. Nevertheless, after the Second World War the hospital Regina Margherita was closed.2


The extern view of the hospital

At the end of 70’years it was transformed into USL and with the Polyclinic of Messina it was the best hospital of the city.
After a few years it was built a new structure, more modern and well equipped: the “Papardo”, so all wards of the Regina Margherita were transferred to it. The new building, "Azienda Ospedaliera Papardo", was joined with another structure the Piemonte; and was called "Azienda Ospedaliera Ospedali Riuniti Papardo Piemonte". Today the Ospedale Regina Margherita is a huge structure, it contains the public offices of ASP and it remains only a beautiful ancient building.3

Regina Margherita Hospital today


The front of Regina Margherita Hospital.


The principal entrance of Regina Margherita Hospital.


The internal of Regina Margherita Hospital.


The Regina Margherita Hospital's Chapel.

  • Photos and main text by Luigi Colella ti.liamtoh|loc_igiul#| and Massimiliano Marchese ti.liamtoh|9641xam#| (January 2016)


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