Ospedale Santa Maria degli Angeli (third site – Domenican’s Convent)

In 1826, the Hospital Santa Maria degli Angeli in Putignano moved from the house in front of the Convent of Santa Chiara to a wing of the Domenican’s Convent (Putignano, Piazza San Domenico). In 1814, Murat’s winds of change also affected Santa Maria degli Angeli. In fact, thanks to a borough charter from King Ferdinand I of Bourbon dating back to 20 May 1813, under Decree No 335 of 6 November 1826, Joachim Murat himself made the Hospital take possession of part of the Dominican’s Convent, adjacent to the Church of San Domenico, which still exists outside the walls of the old town. The Hospital moved and operated there until 1958, when it was finally transferred to the current site .

Church of San Domenico


  • Photos and main text by Marco Rapaccini ti.evil|okkaicop#| and Massimiliano Depalma moc.liamg|69pedm#| (January 2016)
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