Ospedale Santissima Trinità

The institute was founded in 1556 by Don Giuseppe Maio, one of the three curates of the parish of San Gaudenzio in Varallo Sesia. On March 14th 1556, in the old area of Varallo Sesia, over the bridge, he arranged for his house to be used as a shelter for the poor sick. He entrusted its administration to a religious confraternity with the obligation of the brothers to build a small church adjacent to the hospital under the title of the Holy Trinity.

However, Don Maio's house was soon insufficient to accommodate all the sick. For this reason, in 1603 the confraternity of the Holy Trinity ceded the spaces of the hospital with the adjoining oratory to Gerolamo D'Adda, who had transferred there the seminary of the poor children of San Giovanni Battista and the hospital moved to the building currently occupied by the Anselmetti historic pharmacy (in Corso Umberto I).

Ospedale Santissima Trinità in Corso Umberto I


Later, the building was moved to the home of the Alberganti family, located on the square in front of the convent of Santa Maria delle Grazie. Don Pio Alberganti with the will of 12 March 1776 he appointed the hospital of Varallo as heir of most of his riches. In the years 1792-93 the Alberganti house was adapted to accommodate the hospital. Later it was extended several times until it reached the current structure (Via Gippa, 4).

Ospedale Santissima Trinità in Via Gippa, 4

  • Photos and description by Jessica Casaccia ti.supmacinu|aiccasac.j#| (August 2021) and thank you to Maria Grazia Cagna Pagnone for the precious suggestions.
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