Ottavio Badessa

This page lists items in the database related to the Italian doctor Ottavio Badessa (b. Villafranca Tirrena, Italy, 1898; d. Messina, Italy, 1954):



Ottavio Badessa was born in 1898 in Bauso, current Villafranca Tirrena.
He graduated in Medicine in Naples and then he attended the Obstetrician clinic in Messina.
He was an esteemed and well-known Municipal Doctor in Villafranca Tirrena, where he carried out his work with a very advanced technique and competence for the time and the environment in which he worked, always revealing extraordinary attention to the human aspect and the living conditions of each patient.1

We remember him while he goes to visit the sick, moving tirelessly with his buggy which, for this reason, has been chosen as a symbol of the Museo di Storia della Medicina Dr. Ottavio Badessa.

  • Photo and main text by Federica Bruschetta moc.liamg|surb.aciredef#| and Fabio Smedile moc.liamg|01lidemsoibaF#| (January 2019)


- AA.VV.,Museo di Storia della Medicina Dr. Ottavio Badessa, Soc. Coop. Cardamomo, Villafranca Tirrena 2013, pp. 1.

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