Palace Tezzano

Palazzo Tezzano building got started in 1709 in a land owned by Count Niccolò Tezzano in Catania (Piazza Stesicoro). He donated the entire structure to the city of Catania in order to accommodate the Saint Marco's hospital. The hospital moving to the building projected by Alonzo di Benedetto took place in the years between 1720 and 1727. The impressive edifice has a quadrangular shape and a large yard facing Piazza Stesicoro. The Saint Marco hospital was not able to attract the aristocracy economic and poltical interest during it's stay in Conte Terrazzano's Palace. In 1837, due to the financial difficulties of the hospital, a part of the building became the Bourbon Ispectorat's Office. After almost twenty years, the hospital moved permanently to the Saint Nicola's Benedectin monastery. It finally changed it's name in "Vittorio Emanuele II".

View from the Catania's main square


The arch of the cloister


The cloister


The view from inside to the street

  • Photos by Alice Pecorino ti.liamtoh|ocepecila#| (January 2014)


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