Palazzo Altieri

Palazzo Altieri is a Roman palace, residency of the Altieri’s family. It is located in Rome (Piazza del Gesù, 49), near the Chiesa del Gesù and in front of Palazzo Cenci-Bolognetti.

His first core was projected by the Italian architect Giovanni Antonio de Rossi in 1650, commissioned by cardinal Giovanni Battista Altieri. It will be completed between 1670 and 1673 under the supervision of cardinal Paluzzo Paluzzi Altieri degli Albertoni.

Juan de Lugo, the cardinal whose efforts led to the use of quinine in Rome as an anti malarial treatment, lived here between 1621 and his death, occurred on the 20 August 1660. He was buried in the Chiesa del Gesù, just in front of the palace.


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