Palazzo Cardinal Cesi

The sixteenth-century building was located right next to St. Peter's Basilica, on 165 Borgo Vecchio (now 51 Via della Conciliazione), which leads from Castel Sant'Angelo to St. Peter's. In 1879, the building was sold by the Moroni family to Duke Negroni Caffarelli, who left it to his son. In 1881, the Salvatorians, a religious priesthood, started renting rooms in the Palazzo Moroni and offering their hospitality to pilgrims. From 1882 until at least 1887, Sarah Parker Remond lived with her husband, Lazzaro Pintor, and worked as pilgrims' medical assistant in the Palace, because in those years the hotel was managed by her nephew, Edmund Putnam, and his wife1.


  • Photos and main text by Flaminia Ambrosini moc.liamg|89inisorbma.ainimalf#| and Alice Mingiacchi moc.liamg|sufurecila#| (December 2017)


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