Paolo Giaccone's monument

To honor the death of Paolo Giaccone, who was murdered by the Sicilian Mafia, the artist Maurilio Catalano1 (Palermo, 1942) made a sculpture, that is located in The Paolo Giaccone General Hospital of Palermo, in front of The Institute of Forensic Pathology.


The stone of the monument reads: "to the Professor Paolo Giaccone killed by the Sicilian Mafia and to all the other martyrs of the Mafia".

  • Photos by Davide Norata moc.liamg|ataron.vad#| (February 2013)

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  • L.A.D'Anna, Paolo Giaccone. Una vita, una professione., PhD thesis of The Institute of Forensic Pathology, Palermo 2000-2001

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