Pasquale Uva's memorial tablet

At the entrance of Santa Maria Bambina Hospital in Foggia there is this Pasquale Uva's memorial tablet. It is collocated on the right side of the main entrance of the structure. The tablet consists in a text in which Pope John Paul II recognizes the moral and clinical value of Pasquale Uva's activity. The Pope visited the Hospital on May, 25 1987 and speaking about Pasquale Uva said: " WE REMEMBER HIM WITH GRATITUDE AND ABOVE ALL, IN HIS FIGURE WE SEE A MAN WHO HAS DEEPLY CONTEMPLATED THE MISTERY OF REDEMPTION, THE MISTERY OF SUFFERING, THE MISTERY OF GOOD SAMARITAN. OF THIS CONTEMPLATION, HE DID HIS OWN MISSION OF LIFE." On the left, next to the text, there is a bronze bas-relief representing Pasquale Uva.

  • Photos by Maria Silvestre @(November 2011)


- Salvatore Garofalo, La più difficile carità. Il servo di Dio Don Pasquale Uva, Litonova, Gorle (BG), 1995

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