Penfield Pavilion

The Penfield Pavilion of the Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospital, in Montreal opened on 15 September 1978. William Feindel, director of the institute, met the inauguration of the Penfield Pavillon with great excitement and optimism: "The pavilion doubled the space available for research, teaching, and clinical work, permitting enlargement of well-estabilished research laboratories for neurophysiology, neurochemistry, neuroanatomy, and for neuromuscular, neuropsychological, neurological and neurosurgical research. The facilities of the Penfield Pavillon also made it possible to launch new research units for neurogenetics, neuro-ophthalmology, neuropharmacology, and to provide certain common operating centres accessible to research teams, including computer units, tissue culturelaboratories, temperature control rooms, and modern animal quarters, all of which are basic resources for scientific operations".1

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