Philippe Ricord's tomb

Philippe Ricord is buried in the 87th tomb in the Division 54 of the Père Lachaise Cemetery. His tomb is registered as a historical monument, listed in the Base Mérimée, that presents the French architectural heritage of the Ministry of Culture.


Below Philippe Ricord's bust there is this inscription:

"Aux portes de l'éternité
Quand j'aurai fini ma carrière
S'il me reste un peu de poussière
De cette triste humanité
Que le tombeau seul s'en empare
Et que de mon âme il sépare
Cette cause de nos couleurs
Car l'âme pur et sans matière
Doit être un rayon de lumière
Que ne troubleront plus les pleurs."
Dr Philippe Ricord

"At the gates of eternity
When I have finished my career
If I have a little dust
Of this sad humanity
That the tomb alone seizes
And my soul separates
This cause of our colors
Because the soul pure and without matter
Must be a ray of light
That will no longer disturb the tears."
Dr Philippe Ricord

  • Photos and main text by Roberta Romano moc.liamg|0002onamorybor#| and Caterina Boccedi moc.liamg|ideccobaniretac#| (November 2018)


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