Pietro Farinato

This page lists items in the database related to Italian philanthropist and surgeon Pietro Antonio Farinato (b. Enna, Italy, 17 November 1858; d. Enna, Italy, 27 December, 1909):



Pietro Antonio Farinato was a doctor who completely devoted his life to the poor. He left for Catania to attend University in order to become a surgeon. He got back to Enna bringing new methods in the art of surgery.

A particularity is that he didn't want to create a family in order to devote himself completely to his work and to help other people. Furthermore, he often paid medicines to patients who could not afford them.

He manifested, from the beginning, exceptional surgical skills. Indeed, he performed in the patients' houses surgical procedures carried out only in the university clinics.

An example is a thoracotomy he did to repair a diaphragmatic hernia, getting full recovery of the patient1. The report of the operation was published in the journal "La Clinica Chirurgica"2. Scientific literature brought up only 34 cases like this, operated by the greatest surgeons of that time.


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