Pietro Loreta

This page lists items in the database related to Italian surgeon Pietro Loreta (b. Ravenna, Italy, 10 July 1831; d. Bologna, Italy, 20 July 1889):


Loreta was born in Ravenna on July 10, 1831. After having moved with his noble family to Bologna, at that time belonging to the Papal States, he took part in the popular uprising against the goverment in 1848. This civil spirit always lead his life, as it will be evident in his adulthood. At the University of Bologna he was a pupil of Luigi Calori in anatomy, Francesco Rizzoli in surgery, and Giovanni Battista Fabbri in surgery and obstetrics. After his graduation in medicine and surgery and a period as a general pratictioner, in 1861, Luigi Calori called him to the Institute of Human Anatomy of the University of Bologna. Loreta eventually became the head of surgery at the University of Bologna and contributed to various areas, expecially that of gastric surgery and bladder stone treatment. He was a real pioneer of his field. For instance, he often modified surgical instruments in order to tailor them to his specific techniques. Among Loreta’s pupils we have to mention Alessandro Codivilla and Bartolo Nigrisoli, who became both heads of surgery. Unfortunately, in the last part of his life Loreta was affected by a persecution complex that lead him to commit suicide on July 20, 1889. However, Bologna and its citizens want to remember him as a public benefactor of scientific progress.

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