Pietro Polidori

This page lists items in the database related to the Italian physician Pietro Polidori (b. Castro dei Volsci, Italy, 29 February 1868; d. Castro dei Volsci, Italy, 1932)



Pietro Polidori, son of Cesare and Teresa Debois, was a young doctor. He reached his cousin Giovenale Polidori in Africa where he practiced medicine and he focused on the study of tropical diseases.
He was born in Castro dei Volsci on 29 February 1868 and he died in 1932.


He graduated in medicine from the University of Rome. He left for Africa and thanks to his dynamism he received countless accolades by local authorities for planning, organizing and managing emergency rooms, dispensaries and infirmaries. Unfortunately the weather had an adverse effect on his health and he was forced to come back to his country1 .




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