Pietro Ramaglia's birthplace

Pietro Ramaglia was born in this house of Ripabottoni (corso Vittorio Emanuele, 48), on the 31st of March 18021 , as remembered by an old memorial tablet on the facade, where this simple italian inscription can be read: "IN QUESTA CASA/ NACQUE/ PIETRO RAMAGLIA/ SOMMO CLINICO/ DELL'ATENEO NAPOLETANO./ IL MUNICIPIO DI RIPABOTTONI/ POSE/ LUGLIO 1906" (In this house/ was born/ Pietro Ramaglia/ the highest clinician/ of the neapolitan university./ The town council of Ripabottoni made/ July 1906").
He lived here until he left Ripabottoni to go studying in Naples2 . After his graduation he became one of the most important doctor of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies becoming the personal doctor of the King Ferdinando II3 .


  • Photos and main text by Giuseppe Pallotta ti.supmacA|attollap.eppesuig#| and Marco Mattaroccia ti.supmaclA|aiccorattam.ocram#| (December 2017) courtesy of Proloco Ripabottoni


  • Italo Testa, "Le grandi figure della Medicina Molisana", Palladino Editore, Campobasso 2010, p 65-80

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