"Pinel faisant tomber, à Bicêtre, les fers des aliénés en 1792" by Charles-Louis Müller (1849)

This big oil-on-canvas painting (2,30 x 5,70 m) by Charles-Louis Müller can be seen in the prominent place of the Salle des pas-perdus of the Académie Nationale de Médecine in Paris. It was painted in 1849 and represents Philippe Pinel who frees the insane people of the Bicêtre Hospital from their chains in 1792.

  • Photos by Magdalena Mazurak lp.pw|karuzam-aizdam#| (March 2023)


- Jérôme van Wijland (ed.), Académie Nationale de Médecine - Catalogue des peintures et des sculptures, Snoeck, Gand 2020, pp. 312 ff.

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