Pineta di Sortenna Sanatorium

Pineta di Sortenna Sanatorium was founded in Sondalo, a village in Northern Italy, in 1902 and it was the first sanatorium for the treatment of patients afflicted by chest diseases in Italy. It's located in Via Ausonio Zubiani, n. 84, in Pineta di Sortenna a little location in the northern side of Sondalo.

The nursing home “Pineta di Sortenna” was built on the slope of the peaceful mount Sortenna, in Valtellina, in 1902 and at that time was the very first sanatorium in Italy.
This institute was founded by the young physician Ausonio Zubiani to face the spread of tuberculosis that killed a huge amount of people during the 19th and 20th century.
The sanatorium is set in a century-old pinewood at the height of 1250 m above the sea level and is endowed with the wonderful sight of the valley and a healthy environment thanks to the air, free from any pollution, the weather, warm and sunny, and above all the balsamic vegetation that naturally grows in that place and represents one of the oldest remedy against lungs disease.
The centre hosted both male and female patients who were divided into two different and completely independent wards; the services were available to people willing to pay by his own the entire cost of the treatments but also to the ones assisted by companies or any kind of association.
The building has a capacity of 270 people divided into 140 rooms which were not only very comfortable but also well furnished, endowed with a private bathroom and all facing the south to guarantee a benefit of a longer sun exposition.
The staff was composed by four doctors who lived in an apartment near the hospital and by the nuns expert and dedicated in nursing as well as religion.
The patients could also enjoy their staying with some of the facilities the hospital was endowed with as a large meeting room, a cinematographic screen and a path in the pinewood for relaxing walks. 
By the Sixties, because of the development of a new and more effective therapy against tuberculosis, the building of the sanatorium turned into a spiritual centre run by the Institute “Sorelle della Carità” (Sister of Charity).
The sanatorium has now (2015) been closed for two years and the Institute "Sorelle della Carità" decided to sell the entire estate.

Outdoor view

Road to the main entrance


Ground floor entrance


Foot bridge to pinewood


West side


Vintage photo of the building before the restoration

West side


East side


Indoor view

Access to bedrooms


Reading room/tearoom


Dining room


These informations about Pineta di Sortenna Sanatorium have been provided by the mother superior of the spiritual centre owned by the Institute "Sorelle della Carità" (Sister of Charity)

  • Photos and main text by Giacomo Mazzoli ti.ecila|ilozzam.omocaig#| and Pietro Gregorio ti.oohay|otohceip#| (February 2015)

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