Polyclinic of Bari

The Polyclinic is located in Piazza Giulio Cesare 11 in Bari.



The birth of the greatest Apulian Hospital is closely linked to the institution of the University of Bari which was born after the Ordinance of 9th October 1924, and particularly to the foundation of the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery. This Faculty incorporated a pre-existing School for Midwives and turned the School of Pharmacy into a Faculty.
The continuous enlargement and the importance of the studies necessitated a hospital complex in order to favor the development of research and medical and clinical studies.
The first hospital of Bari was established in La Casa del Pellegrino, built between 1090 and 1100, near St. Nicholas Cathedral, in the most ancient part of the town. On a private initiative, the Gerosolimitani Hospital, the St. Thomas Hospital and the Leper Hospital of St. Lazarus were built, but the first real urban hospital center dates back to 1592.
During this year the Confraternity of Sacro Monte di Pietà, concerned about the poor, succeeded in realizing a very organized hospital, thanks to the kindness of a farmer, named Scipione Crisanzio.1 With the ordinance of 28th January 1829, Francis I, king of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies, inaugurated a New Age for Public Assistance.
On July 1st 1889 a new hospital structure was inaugurated. It was situated in the New St. Peter Convent and it counted 90 beds at the beginning and 175 later on, in 1924.2
The Polyclinic of Bari was opened in 1936. Initially it covered 20 thousands square meters and was organized in adjoining pavilions, located in a limited area which resembles a sort of citadel. On the exit door of the Polyclinic there is a Historical inscription of the British General Hospital.3. Also the N°3 New Zealand General Hospital was also based here from 31 October 1943 till the end of 19464.


The front page of "Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno" (a local newspaper) of the 6th October 1932, day of the inauguration of the works for today's polyclinic


Nowadays the Azienda Sanitaria Ospedaliera Ospedale Consorziale Policlinico di Bari is a very important institution for the region Apulia. It covers 230.000 square meters and contains 32 pavilions which constitute 7 different departments and 82 operating units.5


The Polyclinic logo is formed by three shields overtopped by a laurel crown. One of them represents the Province of Bari, another the Sacro Monte di Pietà and the last one stands for the city of Bari.6


Universitary Polyclinic

The polyclinic also hosts the faculty of Medicine and Surgery of the University of Bari as well as the degrees of health care professions and dentistry. The Aula Magna of the University is dedicated to the important and influent Professor Giuseppe De Benedictis.


Today's university forensic medicine, previously anatomical theater


Map of the structure of the polyclinic, located on the wall of the great hall of the medical school

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