Porta Nuova

Epifanio Ferdinando became the major of Mesagne in 1605 and he is still remembered as a good administrator. During his administration he managed to build a new access to the City Centre (the actual historical centre), known as Porta Nuova (Via Martiri della Libertà, 15).


At the centre of the high and elegant mixtilinear fastigium over the archway, there is an epigraph indicating the start date of its restoration in 1702 after the damage caused by the earthquake.

  • Photos and main text by Marianna Claudia Oriolo ti.liamtoh|oloiroannairam#| and Claudia Smarra moc.liamg|arrams.aidualc#| (December 2018), courtesy of Dott.Amedeo Elio Distante


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