Portraits of the spouses Hendrik van Merode and Francisca van Brederode by Jan Mostaert

Pictures of the portraits (kept inside the Saint Dymphna’s Church in Geel) of the spouses Hendrik van Merode (1505 - 1564) and Francisca van Brederode (1500 - 1553), painted by Jan Mostaert (ca. 1475 - 1555/56). The man is intent on offering a ring to the woman, with the backgrounds of the paintings continuing one into the other. The van Merode noble family financed the construction of the church of Santa Dymphna and supported the cult of the saint from the fifteenth century. These two paintings are considered among the masterpieces of Flemish art.


Other links where the paintings are depicted: http://balat.kikirpa.be/photo.php?path=X001250&objnr=71809&nr=1 http://balat.kikirpa.be/photo.php?path=X001249&objnr=71811&nr=2

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