Publications and websites with references to Himetop
  • June 2015: photos from Himetop in Lene Ipsen, Antikkens Hjerne. Antikkens tanker om sundhed og sygdom, Systime, Aahrus 2015, pp. 19 and 156 (in Danish)
  • December 2014: reference to Himetop in MH Dominiczak, Clinician Teachers: Formulating an Intellectual Framework for Modern Medical Education, Clinical Chemistry, December 2014 vol. 60 no. 12 1596-1598
  • September 2014: photos from Himetop section about the invention of CT Scanner (Godfrey Hounsfield at EMI) are displayed on a blog about Abbey Road Studios by Cristina Moreno
  • July 2014: reference to Himetop images in Caterina van Genoa, Vuur van liefde (Ingeleid, vertaald en van commentaar voorzien door Hein Blommestijn Titus Brandsma Instituut Nijmegen), Discovery Books, Leeuwarden 2014
  • 2013: reference to Himetop images in Raquel Gonçalves-Maia, Dos Raios-X a Estrutura Biomolecular, Editora Livraria da Fisica, Sao Paulo 2013, pp. 201
  • 2012: Mitsuo Ishida, Hormone Hunters, Kyoto University Press, Kyoto 2012, pp. 272 (in Japanese)
  • March 2008: a link to Himetop has been created in the The History of the Health Sciences Web Links page (, designed and maintained by Patricia E. Gallagher for the History of the Health Sciences Section of Medical Library Association.
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