Raffaele Teti

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Raffaele Teti graduated in Medicine and Surgery in Rome, specialized in Ophthalmology and General Surgery at Catania University. He founded the "Raffaele Teti" Surgical Clinic. He endowed clinic with X-rays machine, and in order to make it functioning, he installed an electric power generator inside his brother's olive mill; with this electric power generator he brought electricity to Sant'Onofrio, since this town did not have it at that time - all this happened during the First World War. His fame spread through the entire region, and people came from a lot of cities to the clinic. He was usual to spend two months per year in Rome to update his knowledge about medical practices and to hire staff for his clinic. He - and his younger brother Luigi Teti - was the first one who brought X-Rays in Calabria and a car that worked as an ambulance. He did not have a long life, because of some familiar tragedies like his first son's death at birth and his wife's death due to puerperal fever. He died in 1928. Nowadays a way in Sant'Onofrio brings his name, and he is commemorated by a memorial tablet on the clinic's facade.

Raffaele Teti



- Mario Teti, Gente di Sant'Onofrio, ticonzero editore, Sant'Onofrio 1997, pp. 320-321 (courtesy of Giuseppe Teti, tenured professor at Messina University, Medicine and Surgery faculty, Pathology and Experimental Medicine Department)

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