Raimondo Borsellino's clinic and deathplace

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This little clinic, now abandoned, is located in the centre of Agrigento (via Imera, 115) and had the same name of the hospital “Madonna della Divina Grazia” in San Giovanni Rotondo. Raimondo Borsellino called the Clinic with this name because he was a spiritual son of Saint Pio of Petrelcina and he contributed to build it with generous grants. Down stairs there is a small chapel called “Madonna della Divina Grazia” were on 2 November 1964 Karol Wojtyła celebrated three Masses there, when he was archbishop from Krakow. Then, in May 1993, when, as Pope John Paul II, came and visited the diocese of Agrigento, he wanted to return to the small church and blessed all people who were there as remembered by a memorial tablet on the facade. Raimondo Borsellino died, at the age of 93, in a small room of this Clinic where he worked.

  • Photos by Francesco Moncada (November 2012)


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