Real Casa dei Matti di Palermo

In Palermo, Pietro Pisani founded the first "Royal House of the Mad" in 1824. It was outside the western city walls, in the former novitiate of the order Teresiani Scalzi which is located in the ‘Porrazzi’, an area of the city. In 1885, Francesco Paolo Palazzotto was commissioned to design a "New Asylum" in an area of 25 hectares about, a kilometre away from the previous site and at a “safe distance” from the historical core, according to the typical isolation of these structures.


Complesso della Vignicella
Today this structure is called "Complesso della Vignicella" because of the vines that once there they grew up luxuriant.


Around 1500 the land and the structure were bought by the Jesuits, and, in 1681, was merged with the bottom of the Uscibene's.
After 1888, with the suppression of the ecclesiastical orders, the complex came confiscated by the state and began to rise the first pavillons of the Psychiatric Hospital.


In the former convent, located to the left of the exit from the gate, a sundial dating back to 1762 is drawn on the outer wall.


Next to the former convent there is the Church dedicated to Santa Maria of Uscibene and called later Santa Rosalia.


Pietro Pisani Hospital is an ASP and from June of 2017 has started activity of recovery of traditional neurologic and robotic rehabilitation.

  • Photos and main text by Maria Aurora Piccione ti.supmacla|| and Gaetana La Marca ti.supmacla|acramal.anateag#| (January 2018)


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