Renato Caminiti's memorial monument

This huge bronze monument was made in 2003 by sculptor Carmelo Barillà in memory of Renato Caminiti and it stands in the town centre of Villa San Giovanni, close to the Casa di Cura Caminiti.
The monument shows the surgeon and university professor meeting a common man. On the background several people are represented (men, women, children, even a physician holding a book and standing for someone who is learning). Thus the monument symbolically portrays Renato Caminiti helping the men and not just the sick and teaching other physicians. The two stone steles on the side symbolize both personal and universal suffering, whereas the two doves on the top stand for hope and peace. On one of the steles an inscription in Italian reads as follows: “HAI ACCOLTO IL DOLORE CON IL SORRISO / E LO HAI ILLUMINATO CON L’AMORE / PER QUESTO / RIPRENDEVANO A VOLARE LE SPERANZE”.

  • Photos by Federica Borea (November 2011)

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