Rufino Landa y Arbizu's tomb

Rufino Landa y Arbizu is buried in his family tomb in the Cemetery of Pamplona (Carretera Cementerio). His tombstone is just on top of the one of his son Nicasio. The Latin inscription reads as follows: "N°20 / D.O.M. / RUFINUS.A.LANDA. / ET. ARBIZU. / MEDIC. AC. CHIR. / DOCTOR. EXIMIUS. / ANATHAE. ERUDITS PROFR. / PHLAGELLI. PESTIS. / HEROICUS. IMPUGNATOR. / CIV[??] PO[??] DECURIO. / LX. ANNUM. AGENS. / INVICTA. IN. CHRISTUM. / FIDUCIA. PLACIDE. SUAM. / ANIMAM. DEO. REDDIDIT. / ANNO. DOM. MDCCCLXII / DIE. XI. KAL. FEBRUARII. R.I.P.".

The tomb can be found near the Cuadro 6 along the internal path of Calle San Miguel, between the Calle San Felipe and the Calle San Antonio.

  • Photos by Luca Borghi ti.supmacinu|ihgrob.l#| (May 2010).

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