Salsomaggiore's spa

The Terme Berzieri, in Salsomaggiore, is a monumental building in Art Nouveau style. It hosts the "Tempio di Igea", a Wellness Centre. Italian physician Lorenzo Berzieri, a native of Salsomaggiore, was the first person who in 1839 successfully experimented the therapeutic qualities of the bromo-iodine salt water, which was known and used in pre-Roman times for the extraction of salt. It was during the duchy of Marie Louise of Austria that Salsomaggiore started to change and people understood the importance of the natural treasure of the town, useful for therapeutic purposes. Salsomaggiore soon became one of the most famous and celebrated spas in Europe1.

  • Photo by Luca Borghi ti.supmacinu|ihgrob.l# | (July 2008)

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