Salvatore Trinchese's tomb

Salvatore Trinchese died of nephritis on the 11th of January 1897 in Naples. The tomb is placed in the Quadrato degli uomini illustri (Squares of illustrious figures, 4th block, n.93) in the Poggioreale Monumental Cemetery of Naples. At first a bronze bust in memory of the scientist was situated on the tomb, but unfortunately it has been stolen.

On the marble column the following inscription is engraved: "A SALVATORE TRINCHESE" (To Salvatore Trinchese)

  • Photos and main text by Roberta Di Costanzo moc.liamg|79oznatsocidatrebor#| and Francesca Prete ti.orebil|1102_acsecnarfeterp#| (January 2017)


- C.Palazzolo Olivares, Il Giardino della Memoria. Un percorso di visita al Recinto degli Uomini Illustri nel Cimitero Monumentale di Poggioreale, Massa Editore, Napoli 2003, p. 71.

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