Samuel Hahnemann's monument

This classical revival monument of Samuel Hahnemann can be seen in Washington, D.C. (Scott Circle). It consists of an exedra designed by architect Julius Harder and a bronze statue sculpted by Charles Henry Niehaus. The monument was inaugurated in 19001.


On either side of the niche are a pair of bronze reliefs sculpted by Niehaus, each measuring 4 ft (1.2 m) high and 1 ft (0.30 m) long. The left reliefs depict Hahnemann as a student and as a chemist. The German inscription "DIE MILDE MACHT IST GROSS", meaning "Gentle Power is Great", is below the left reliefs. The right reliefs depict Hahnemann as a teacher and as a physician. The Latin inscription "IN OMNIBUS CARITAS", meaning "In All Thing Charity", is below the right reliefs2.

  • Photos by Concetta Tatali ti.liamtoh|5_9iloc#| (March 2016)

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