San Giovanni di Dio's hospital

This ancient hospital named after St. John of God and located in Florence (Borgo Ognissanti, 20), was founded in 1382 by Simone Vespucci, the great uncle of the most famous Amerigo Vespucci. Initially the hospital was dedicated to "St. Mary of humility" in honor of the confraternity of humility. In 1588 the Grand Duke Ferdinando I granted the property to the congregation of the Augustinian Order of St. John of God from which derived the name. This congregation began immediately his charitable work with the poor.


The hospital is characterized by a majestic atrium that is a reference to the baroque repertoire; there are big stairs with a landing where there is the statue of “St. John of God with the Archangel Raphael and the poor kneeling" (San Giovanni di Dio con l’Arcangelo Raffaele e il povero genuflesso).


The “documentation center for the history of Florentine assistance and healthcare” (Centro di documentazione per la storia dell'assistenza e della sanità fiorentina) started its activity in July 1998 and it is located in S. Giovanni di Dio's hospital. It has various aims, for example, the conservation and the development of the scientific, artistic, historical and documentary patrimony of the medical sciences. It also promotes studies and researches on the history of health and it improves the material witness of medical history.

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