San Giovanni Evangelista's Hospital

San Giovanni Evangelista's Hospital is located in Tivoli (Via Antonio Parrozzani, 3). The hospital was founded in the 14th century by the "Tiburtina Confraternity of the Holy Spirit".


In 1344 the confraternity purchased the land surrounding the monastery of San Clemente and decided to build the hospital near the current church of San Giovanni Evangelista.
The confraternity managed its own affairs and its organization autonomously until 1396, when they disappeared without leaving traces. The first document that attested the existence and development of the hospital, called "the door of meadows”, dates back to 1360.

The old entrance of the Hospital


The new entrance of the Hospital


Another document that mentions the hospital was written on 24 June 1424, and it deals with the donation of a vineyard, made by Alessandrina, widow of Angelo di Tucco di Giacomo, at the hospital San Giovanni Evangelista.1
As shown in the photos, the building is undergoing a major renovation after the last one it suffered between 1733 and 1740.

Entrance of the Hospital and Emergency Room


In the 19th century Antonio Parrozzani was a fundamental support for the growth of this structure to the point that, the city of Tivoli, wanted to remember him naming the main road of the hospital "Via Antonio Parrozzani, chirurgo esimio”.
In this hospital the surgeon operated for almost thirty years and was killed there on 2 November 1930.

Via Antonio Parrozzani


This is the Via Antonio Parrozzani, “chirurgo esimio”

Another evidence of the importance of this surgeon for the city of Tivoli is the tablet in his honor, "Antonio Parrozzani's memorial tablet", affixed to the facade of the pavilion “Maria Arnaldi”, located next to the hospital.

  • Photos and main text by Alessia Maria Marchetti moc.liamg|32ittehcram.aissela#| and Laura Masci moc.duolci|icsam.arual#| (Novembre 2017)


  • Vincenzo Pacifici, “L'archivio Tiburtino di S. Giovanni Evangelista", Tivoli, sede della società Villa d'Este, 1992

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