San Matteo's Cathedral

San Matteo's Cathedral is situated in the historical centre of Salerno. During the Middle Ages it was the place where Scuola medica salernitana's graduates celebrated their degrees. This location was reserved for graduates coming from aristocratic Salerno's families, because their graduation ceremonies were attended by plenty of people. In other occasions students were graduated in San Pietro a Corte's church. In the cathedral it is possible to admire the Santa Caterina's Chapel which is called "Cappella delle lauree"(literally: "Degrees' chapel") because it was the place where celebrations took place. Nowadays, in the Public Records Office there are some ancient parchments that remember this important occurrence.1.

1. The exterior


2. The main entrance


3. The yard


4. The portico


5. The central nave


6. The lateral nave

  • Photos (2-4) by Carmela Memoli (December 2010); Photos (1-3-5-6) by Laura De Rosa and Claudia Tagarelli (November 2017)

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