Sanatorium San Michele in Monte Laureto

The Sanatorium of San Michele in Monte Laureto was built in 1920 and finds itself in the outskirts of Putignano (BA), in the omonimous area of San Michele in Monte Laureto. Here TB sufferers were given health care and could breath clean air.
In the second half of 1900, four departments of the Ospedale Santa Maria degli Angeli were transferred to the old sanatorium: pneumology, cardiology, geriatrics, neurology.
Since 1998 the massive and fascinating structure has been reserved exclusively for the offices of the Local Health Unit Bari5.

Ancient Sanatorium of San Michele in Monte Laureto


Inside of the Sanatorium


Aedicule of San Michele


The wood near the Sanatorium


  • Photos and main text by Marco Rapaccini ti.evil|okkaicop#| and Massimiliano Depalma moc.liamg|69pedm#| (January 2016)


  • Interview conducted by Massimiliano Depalma to Antonio Angelo Polignano, board member at the Ospedale Santa Maria degli Angeli in Putignano (BA) from 1964 to 1972. Putignano (BA), 23-12-2015.

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