Santa Filippa Mareri's chapel

Santa Filippa’s body is in a chapel adjoining the parish church; many pilgrims visit it on a daily basis.
The flood did not destroy the chapel in 1904.
However, the chapel changed its position and was reassembled brick by brick, including its precious frescoes.
At the core of the Chapel on the altar is venerated Santa Filippa’s body in an elegant golden urn.


In particular, some of the representations discovered in the chapel of Santa Filippa are symbolic, such as:
- the fresco, dating back to the year 1450 a.D. which shows Santa Filippa holding a book in her hand and standing beside St. Francis and St. Dominic, because they were her cultural reference points and masters;
-the fresco showing Saints Cosmas and Damian, who were two physicians.
In this fresco, they are holding the medical tools of the trade.



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