Santa Filippa Mareri's Convent

Twenty kilometres far from Rieti, in Lazio, there is a junction to Borgo San Pietro, a small town where Santa Filippa Mareri was born.
Formerly, the town was a long way downstream; nowadays it is located by the river Salto on the bank of an artificial lake at 550 metres above sea level, in the middle of Circolano.
The building complex, including both the Parish Church and the Convent of Santa Filippa Mareri, stands in the new residential area, rebuilt on behalf of fascist government, after a flood destroyed the old one in 1940.
This church has just a nave with paintings hanging down its sides, which once belonged to the altar of the former church; its apse decorated with a fresco by Father Ortensio Gionfra, representing the sacred heart of Jesus together with the following saints: Peter, Paul, Francesco d’Assisi and Filippa Mareri.
Finally, above the entrance door there is the choir loft with a pipe organ.
Two rooms of the convent, the Museum and the Archive, which contain the newest tools, collected the relics of the past, which arouse the interest of scholars and visitors for their historical and artistic importance.
In particular, in the Archive there are numerous Papal Bulls and notarial deeds, some dating back to the 12th century, along with manuscripts and illuminated codex.

  • Photos by Greta Mollo and Gaia De Angelis [ti.oiligriv|89silegnaed.aiag#ti.oiligriv|89silegnaed.aiag]
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