Santa Maria della Misericordia's hospital in Monteluce

When the original XIV century Santa Maria della Misericordia's Hospital became too small to meet the needs of the growing city, the Hospital was relocated in the monastery of Monteluce in 1911: the surrounding wide area was filled of new pavilions and in the academic year of 1922/23 it happened the historical transfer of the Medical School, with Raffaello Silvestrini as director of the Medical Clinic. In this new Hospital were opened the departments of Medicine, Surgery and Obstetrics that included Ophthalmology, Otolaryngology, Pediatrics, Dermatology and Contagious Diseases. From December 30th, 2008, the whole health care provision is provided at the new Nosocomial Presidium in Sant’Andrea delle Fratte.


  • Photos by Cosimo Salvatici moc.liamg|icitavlas.omisoc#| (January 2014)


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