Santiago Ramon y Cajal's last home

Santiago Ramon y Cajal lived in in this house from 1892, when he was appointed to the chair of Histology and Pathological Anatomy at the University of Madrid, until his death in 1934. It is located in Madrid, Calle de Alfonso XII, 64.1


On the right side of the house, a memorial tablet reads as follows: SANTIAGO / RAMON Y CAJAL / "LA MAXIMA FIGURA / DE LA CIENCIA ESPAÑOLA / DE NUESTRO TIEMPO / Y QUIZA / DE TODOS LOS TIEMPOS" (G. MARAÑON) // EL AYUNTAMIENTO DE MADRID / LE RINDE EL HOMENAJE / DE SU ADMIRACION Y RESPETO / EN SU CINCUENTENARIO / OCTUBRE 1984 (Santiago / Ramon y Cajal / "The most influential personage / of Spanish science / of our time / and maybe / of it all" (G. Marañon) // The Madrid Council / pays its tribute / of admiration and respect / in the fiftieth year after his death / October 1984).


  • Photos by Luca Ambrosio moc.duolci|oisorbma_acul#| (March 2013)

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