Sarah Parker Remond

This page lists items in the database related to African-American abolitionist and physician Sarah Parker Remond (b. Salem, Massachusetts, U.S., 6 June 1815; d. Florence, Italy, 13 December 1894):


Sarah Parker Remond, a figure of great importance in the slavery abolition movement and in African-American history, was born in Salem, Massachusetts, in a family of free African Americans. She moved from the USA to Europe and, after a number of years in England, speaking in public against slavery and continuing her own education, she graduated as a nurse at the London University College in 18651. Then she chose Florence as her residence so that she could enroll in the Ospedale di Santa Maria Nuova school to study medicine. She successfully completed her studies, graduating as an obstetrician in 18682. After that, she chose Rome as her permanent home. There, she ran a hotel, Palazzo Moroni, which was located next to St. Peter’s Basilica, on 165 Borgo Vecchio (now 51 Via della Conciliazione)3. By now Remond was married to an Italian man from Sardinia, Lazzaro Pintor, and lived at 6 Piazza Barberini4. Sarah Remond never returned to the United States. She passed away in Rome at the Hospital of St. Antonio5.


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