Sarah Parker Remond's memorial plaque

This plaque commemorates Sarah Parker Remond, the African-American abolitionist and physician. It can be seen in Rome's Protestant Cemetery (Via Caio Cestio,6) on the wall to the right of the entrance gate. Cultural historian Marilyn Richardson in the US has generously offered to raise funds to install this plaque in the Cemetery in order to honour this woman. Her campaign joined an initiative by Francis Mayo, an attorney in Salem, who wanted to see Sarah Remond formally commemorated in both, Salem and Rome. Thanks to their sustained efforts and to individual donors, a memorial plaque commemorates this remarkable woman since December 20131.


The ossuary

Sarah Parker Remond had been buried in the Zona Prima of Rome's Protestant Cemetery; her grave was in the fifth row, but once it had been removed, there was no visible record of her burial there. For this reason, an appeal to erect the memorial tablet was launched. Since her tomb no longer exists, her remains were moved to the ossuary, in the Zona Seconda along the Aurelian walls2.


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