Showcase of surgical instruments

Showcase of surgical instruments conserved in the Museo Archeologico Nazionale of Naples. This includes ancient Roman surgical instruments such as: forceps, scalpels, catheters, speculum ani, speculum uteris and other dental tools, that have been found in the The Surgeon's home of Pompeii.

  • A view of all the Surgical Instruments.

  • Description of all the Surgical Instruments with a central view of retractors (speculum ani and speculum uteris)

  • A view of the surgical forceps and scissors

  • A view of an ancient scale used to weigh medicine substances

  • A view of the probes with their case

  • A view of the scalpels

  • Photos by Filippo Bucciarelli moc.liamtoh|illeraiccuboppilif#| (December 2013)

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