Sigmund Freud Museum

The Sigmund Freud Museum is located in Vienna, at Berggasse 19. Here, in 1891, Sigmund Freud established his medical practice and developed the science that reshaped the clinical approach to human psyche. Before being exiled to England, in this house he used to attend to his patients and write some of his most important works, such as "The Interpretation of Dreams" and case studies like the "Rat Man", as well he kept in touch with brilliant personalities of his time, such as Jean-Martin Charcot.1


On the facade of the building, next to the entrance, a big marble plaque reads as follows: "IN DIESEM HAUS LEBTE UND WIRKTE / PROFESSOR SIGMUND FREUD / IN DEN JAHREN 1891-1938 / DER SCHÖPFER UND BEGRÜNDER / DER PSYCHOANALYSE - GESTIFTET VON DER 6.JAHRES / VERSAMMLUNG DER WORLD / FEDERATION FOR MENTAL HEALTH / IM AUGUST 1953." (In this house Professor Freud, founder and initiator of Psychoanalysis, lived and worked between the years 1891-1938 - Donated by the sixth annual Assembly of World Federation for Mental Health in August 1953).

On its top, another tablet recites: "Sigmund Freud, Begründer / der Psychoanalysen wohnte und / arbeitete hier von 1891-1938. - Hier befand such bis 1889 / das Haus, in dem Viktor Adler, / der Mitbegründer der / Sozialdemokratischen / Arbeiterpartei Österreichs, / von 1881-1889 wohnte. - «WIENE-EINE STADT STELLT SICH VOR»." (Sigmund Freud, founder of Psychoanalysis, lived and worked here between 1891-1938 - This was the house were Viktor Adler, co-founder of the Social Democratic Party of Austria, lived from 1881 to 1889. - Vienna: a city presents itself).


In the entrance room, a coat hanger with some Freud's belongings can be seen.


Here's the waiting room, with a wide selection of items retrieved from Freud's personal collection of antiquities. Original furnishings have almost been preserved.


In the adjacent consulting room and study, there is a considerable repertoire of autographs, documents, photos and works owned by the psychoanalyst, not least a Freud's bust and a well conserved chair from his original study, as well as a couch.


Here's doctor Freud's personal microtom: a precision instrument for producing accurate histological cuttings for microscoping:

  • Photos by Luca Ambrosio moc.duolci|oisorbma_acul#| (January 2013)

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