Smith Hall

This building of The Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research, in New York, is dedicated to Theobald Smith, who was a pioneer in both epidemiology and pathology. Built in 1930 and designed by Cooledge, Shepley, Bulfinch and Abbot, the Smith Hall hosts the actual research facilities of The Rockefeller University. In 2010, it was renewed and registered with the U.S. Green Building facilities1.


Rockefeller University, Smith Hall, New York

Over the years, having provided such an outstanding performance in breaking through major boundaries in biology and medicine, this institution has become one of the forefront biomedical research centres in the globe2. In the picture behind, it is possible to appreciate the 24 scientists awarded with the Nobel Prize - beginning with Alexis Carrel in 1912 and Karl Landsteiner in 1930 - together with the 21 who have won the Lasker Medal that have worked and developed their theories in the laboratories of The Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research.


Nobel Prize and Lasker Medals Winners

  • Photos by Simone Lunetta moc.liamg|attenul.enomis#|; Text by Federico Pagano moc.liamg|98onagap.ociredef#| (January 2017), courtesy of Ms J. Einstein, Senior Communication Coordinator, The Rockefeller University

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