St. Bartholomew's marble well

The marble well, located in the Basilica of San Bartolomeo all'isola, on Tiber Island, in Rome, dating back to the 10th century, was considered miraculous. Four figures, Christ, St. Bartholomew, a bishop (probably St. Adalbert) and one of the Holy Roman Emperors (probably Otto III himself), are sculpted on the well.


St. Adalbertus




St. Bartholomew


Along the upper edges of the curb can be seen the marks left by the ropes used to draw water from the well. An inscription near the bottom is no longer legible, but we know it referred to the healing and healthful properties of the water. However, the holy well on the altar steps, is in correspondence to the underlying well in the old Temple of Asclepius


  • Photos and main text by Adriana Ingravalle moc.liamg|argni.anan#| and Teresa Prinzivalli moc.duolci|iznirpaseret#| (January 2015)

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