Stained glass windows by Jean-Baptiste Anthony

Stained glass windows in the Saint Dymphna’s Church in Geel depicting episodes from the life of the saint, works of 1896 by Jean-Baptiste Anthony (1854-1930).
In particular:


Birth of Dymphna, already surrounded by the halo, which symbolize the holiness (another picture:


Baptism of Dymphna at the hands of Gerebernus (another picture:


Dymphna at the foot of the bed of the dying mother (another picture:


The king, with the devil as counselor, exhibits the intention to marry his daughter Dymphna (another picture:


Dymphna flees by sea in order to run away from incestuous desires of her father with Gerebernus, the jester and his wife (another picture:


Some soldiers of the king, arrived in Geel, are informed by a woman where Dymphna has fled. The woman holds a bag of money, that is the reason why the soldiers realize that Dymphna is nearby. In the background, Dymphna and Gerebernus dedicate themselves to the life of prayer (another picture:


The king, guided by the devil, decapitates Dymphna, meanwhile his men decapitate Gerebernus (another picture:


The angels lay down Dymphna and Gerebernus in the sarcophagi (another picture:


After death, Dymphna shines in her holiness. Here the saint is illustrated with some of her iconographic features: equipped with a sword, with a book in the hand (believed symbol of wisdom and reason which was able to bring again to patients) and a crown on her head (another picture:

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