The Albarelli of Laterza

The Albarelli

The Albarelli are particular jars that were used in the past to contain medicines. Nowadays, we can find many of the “Albarelli” of the sixteenth and seventeenth century at the MuMa, the Museum of Majolica Of Laterza (Piazza Plebiscito). These jars were mostly of cylindrical shape and those of the seventeenth century had a central narrowing to allow a better grip. Decorated by the best "maiolicari" of the town, each of the "Albarelli" contained a different spice in order to have them classified.


Various albarelli, MuMa - Museum Of Majolica, Laterza


Anacardi's Albarello, Muma

This albarello is peculiar thanks to the inscription “Anacardi”, which refers to its content: a plant that, in the past, had various applications in Medicine: from the cauterization of warts, to the reduction of paralysis.

  • Main text by Vito Russo and Vito Antonio Quartulli (January 2016)
  • Photos by Vito Russo @ (December 2015)


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