The Burns Archive

The Burns Archive in New York (140 East 38th Street) is the world’s largest private collection of early medical photography, with over one million of historic pictures. It was created by Stanley B. Burns who "began collecting medical, historical, and memorial photography in 1975, and founded The Burns Archive in 1977. Since then, he’s authored dozens of award-winning photo-history books, and has curated and exhibited at dozens of major museums and galleries worldwide. A New York City ophthalmologist, Dr. Burns’ keen eye for iconic imagery has helped rewrite inaccuracies in medical history and played a large role in the rediscovery of postmortem photography and nineteenth century mourning practices"1. The Burns Archive is not open to the public and researchers may visit it by appointment only. More historical and practical informations in the Archive's official website.

  • Photos N.1 by Google Street View and N.2-3 by Nicola Di Stefano ti.supmacinu|onafetsid.n#| (October 2014)

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