The Eye Clinic of Athens

The Eye clinic of Athens is an extraordinary building (1854) located at the corner of Panepistimiou and Sina streets. It's characterized by an unusual commingling of byzantine and neoclassic architectial elements. The original project, designed by the architect was modified by L. Kaftantzoglou; it included only a building with one floor. A second floor was added during another modification (in the second half of 1860).


The building, which is a rare example of the Romantic Byzantine style, has been declared a “work of art” by ministerial decree. With its unique architecture, wonderful roof paintings and museum-like interior, the clinic is considered one of the most significant architectural gems of Greece, one of a trio in this part of the city center, along with the National Library and the Athens University and Academy of Athens

  • Photos and main text by Andrea Valentino Custurone ti.liamtoh|evil.diuqil#| and Riccardo Calsolaro moc.liamg|oraloslac.odraccir#| (October 2014)

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