The Institute of Forensic Pathology of Palermo

Connected to the Postgraduate Program in Forensic Pathology of the University of Palermo, it has always been based in The Paolo Giaccone General Hospital of Palermo, in the historical building that will be demolished during the 2013.


The Institute has trained and welcomed some of the most important Italian forensic pathologists from the 50's, because it was responsible for autopsies related to Mafia crimes in Sicily.
Doctors like:
* Professor Ideale Del Carpio, Director of the Institute of Forensic Pathology of Palermo since 1949 (when he already headed the same institutes in Pisa and Cagliari)
* Professor Stassi, successor to the Direction of Professor Del Carpio
* Iginio Maggiordomo, since 1978 Professor of Forensic Pathology at the Low Faculty of the University of Palermo
* Paolo Giaccone, at first Volunteer Assistant Professor, in 1962 Assistant Professor, since 1963 Associate Professor and since 1978 Professor of Forensic Pathology at the Institute.

On the ground floor of the building, there is the classroom of Forensic Pathology, where Paolo Giaccone hold his lessons

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- L.A.D'Anna, Paolo Giaccone. Una vita, una professione., PhD thesis of The Institute of Forensic Pathology, Palermo 2000-2001

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